On your session day, you can expect to have lots of fun 🙂 We will spend up to 2 hours if needed together, capturing the naturalness of your family. I will make faces and act silly, I will roll around on the ground. We will play and laugh and I will tell horrible jokes.  All for the sake of capturing that perfect sweet smile. I don’t really like the stiff, posey stuff, but we will have to get a few of those. Your time with me should be laid back and stress free!! Bring some snacks and toys for the kids, because everybody needs breaks. Just plan on being yourselves.



The baby is the boss of these sessions and calls all the shots. You can expect a newborn session to take about 3 hours. Babies need time to get good and sleepy, they need to be fed/changed/cuddled/fed/changed/cuddled some more. I want it to be as stress free as possible. No rushing the baby. We want to get those perfect shots. This is mom’s time to sit back and relax and I will do all the work. Unless of course baby needs mommy to feed them or love on them 🙂  Every possible precaution is taken to provide the safest, most comfortable environment for the baby. Newborns are photographed in their new skin.  Dress the baby in a button down sleeper with a loose fitting diaper to make undressing easy, and limit the amount of red marks on their new skin.  Parents, be sure to wear layers, it’s nice and warm in my studio so that the babies are comfortable.



Kid sessions are totally customized around your child. Are you are looking for a themed session, then you have come to the right place! Kid sessions are all about having fun, making the child feel comfortable so that their personality comes through.
First birthday sessions come with cake smash also!

BIRTHS: (more details coming soon)

MATERNITY: (more details coming soon)

SENIORS: (more details coming soon)


  1. Keri My son lives in Alvin Texas, I would like to purchase a package for them, Baby Sophia has SMA type 1, she is the most beautiful baby I would love for the family to have an amazing snap shot of their family. Sophia’s disability leaves her arms and legs flaccid with minimal movement. I would love for them to experience a session with an understanding adult relating to a difficult situation. Please e- mail me with your response.

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