“AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts” – Day 11 – MD Anderson Cancer Center


Day 11 of “AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts”!!

Today we went to MD Anderson Cancer Center! To keep from getting into trouble by taking pictures INSIDE the hospital, we decided to hang out outside and let AAsher pick his gift recipients. He had his
wagon full of BRIGHT colored flowers. I knew he was going to find more than 3 people he wanted to give to, so I had 12 flowers ready for him  I didn’t realize until we got there that there is also MD Anderson Children’s Hospital at that facility too!! (next year we will be prepared for KIDS!!!)

There were SOOOOO many people going in and out and I think he was a bit overwhelmed at first. He walked back and forth and back and forth in front of the hospital before he picked his first receiver. His
first pick was a mother and her son that we coming out of the hospital. The boy was around 12 years old and AAsher loved his bald head  His mom was very grateful for the gifts (they got two flowers) and she told AAsher that he must have known that she was having a “not so great day”! (I won’t be posting any pictures of the children here, but they will be included in AAsher’s album that I have printed.)

His next receiver was an elderly man that was sitting with his wife. The man got the card and a tiny flower and the lady got the bigger flower. AAsher is so smart  They both wished him a very happy birthday! He loves when people say happy birthday!! He claps every time like it’s a party!! LOL

His next receiver was a sweet older man wearing a surgical mask and AAsher must have known that he really needed a pick me up today, because he made “8” trips back and forth to his wagon for flowers for
him!!! The man asked him if he was sure he wanted to give him ALL of his flowers and AAsher signed “YES” to him and then blew him kisses  I hope his day was just a little bit brighter if even only for a minute…….

It was so cute to watch all of the people that were sitting on the benches watching, because as AAsher would walk back and forth, they had looks of “will he pick me next” on their faces. It was like they were waiting to win the “AAsher-flower-lottery”. LOL

When his wagon was empty and we were leaving, everyone that had been watching was telling him Happy Birthday AAsher and clapping for him :))) He was a little superstar!

There is sooo much that I could say about stinking cancer, but I wouldn’t be saying anything that most everyone in the world, that has been changed by it at sometime, wouldn’t have already said……. I sure hope that there’s a cure soon!!

Day 11 was a success!!

Only one more day of this 12 days of gifts year…….. our little guy will be 4 years old tomorrow and he will have a BIG gift day tomorrow!!

Thank you everyone who has been following and sharing his journey this year! We appreciate every single one of you and I will be printing all of your comments to go along with the pictures for AAsher’s

Kerri AKA “AAsher’s mommy”

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