“AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts” – Day 7 – City police, EMS, State Troopers


Day 7 (makeup) of “AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts”!!

Boy oh boy what a day we had!!! Not only did we accomplish day 7 gift giving, but day 8 also! AAsher had a blast! (and the rest of us did too) We did A LOT of driving today!!!

For day 7 we decided to pay visits to the local police station, EMS and the county sheriff/state troopers station!

Our first stop was the local police station, AAsher marched right on up to the door with his wagon full of birthday hat decorated cupcakes and one of his special glitter heart cards  The police woman at the window looked sort of confused when we all walked in, so daddy pointed down to the floor and she stood up to look and you would have thought that there was a million dollars down there on the floor! Her eyes lit up and she was so excited to see him with his little wagon. She asked us to wait for just a minute and next thing we know she’s opening the door along with another police woman. They received AAsher’s gifts with such big smiles and then invited him into the front part of the station where they have a big Christmas tree and were showing him all the ornaments and the big police star that’s on the wall. He was having a blast! We almost couldn’t get him to leave! He gave lots of hugs and blew them lots of kisses. We are definitely going to have to visit them again. Maybe with some Christmas cookies next time 

Our next stop was at the EMS station. The big doors were open and from the looks of it, they were out on a call…….. we knocked and knocked on the doors and rang the bell a few times, but no one ever came, so we left the cupcakes (Transformer decorated), the glittery heart card and AAsher’s picture card on a chair right next to the ambulance. Hopefully they enjoyed them when they returned!!

After stopping at McDonald’s for AAsher’s chicken nuggets, we proceeded on our journey to the Sheriff/State Troopers station!! This time AAsher’s little wagon was filled with Toy Story cupcakes & a glittery heart card. After knocking on the door, a very nice officer opens the door and I think he was kinda scared. lol AAsher ambushed him with cards and cupcakes without giving him a second to even process what was going on. haha! After taking a second to read AAsher’s card and realized that AAsher was giving HIM gifts for HIS birthday, he was totally excited! We told him that the cupcakes had Toy Story decorations on them because that’s AAsher’s favorite movie AND GUESS WHAT……… THE POLICE MAN’S NAME WAS SHERIFF WOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO KIDDING!!! It was totally meant to be!! 

AAsher’s day 7 makeup was a success!!! So many smiles and hugs and just good old human kindness!! You just can’t beat that feeling!!

It’s true what they say you know. Giving is a whole lot better than receiving! Everyone should try it….it’s kind of addicting 

Thank you for following our little guys journey with all the sweet comments and support! We are so blessed!

Kerri AKA-AAsher’s mommy 

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