“AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts” 2013 – Day 6 – Food for the birds

Day 6 (makeup) of “AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts”!

Today, AAsher woke up fever free and feeling like his normal, happy self! (thank goodness). Since he hadn’t been 24 hours fever free, we decided to do something that didn’t require spreading germs to

others! (not a good gift idea in my opinion).

Having so many kids (and daddy) in the house, there is an endless supply of empty toilet paper rolls (that nobody but mommy seems to know how to change). Soooooooooo, we recycled those into homemade bird

feeders for our feathered friends!!

AAsher LOVED spreading the peanut butter all over the rolls (and himself) and sprinkling the birdseed into it (and I’m sure that I’ll never get all of the birdseed out of the carpet).

After he finished all of the feeders, we started piling on the clothes/hats/jackets/boots to go outside to hang them up! It’s funny to say jackets/hats here in Texas…….. just a couple of days ago

everyone was wearing shorts and tank tops!!! But for the past couple of days, it’s been COOOOLD and rainy (probably why everyone is Sick!)

Daddy lifted AAsher up high enough to hang his 3 feeders in the tree in our front yard and when he was done, he ran to the next tree wanting to hang more………… looks like I’ll be collecting more

toilet paper rolls

Tomorrow after church, we will be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY getting caught up with day 7 AND 8!!! Both being awesome gift days!! I’m sure I’m going to cry!

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and love and support for our little guy!!! Praying that he stays well and his immune system stays strong!!

Day 6 (makeup) was a success!!

I’ll be trying to catch some pictures of the birdies enjoying their gifts to add to the video!!

Kerri AKA “AAsher’s mommy”

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