“AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts” 2013 – Day 5 – Kidz Harbor orphanage


Day 5 of “AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts”!!

Today we visited Kidz Harbor. For those of you who are new to AAsher’s journey, Kidz Harbor is a temporary Shelter that provides emergency shelter to abandoned, abused & neglected children ages birth-18 residing in the state of Texas and also a therapeutic Group Home that provides a permanent place to thrive for Texas children ages 12-18 .

As soon as AAsher got to the door, the ladies inside knew exactly who he was!! They still had his cards from last year pinned to their bulletin boards  He ran right up with a big hug like they were old friends. LOL

He had 3 kids gifts to give today and two big trays of yummy chocolate cupcakes decorated with Toy Story faces (since that’s his favorite)!! When he emptied his wagon of all of his gifts, he turned to me and signed “more more more”. haha. He was not done with his giving!!

Today we were able to meet a couple of the kids that live there, that have special abilities, when they were getting off of the school bus!! We couldn’t take their pictures though. AAsher must have told them “HI” 20 times. It was really cute!!

We did learn that there are 45 kids living there right now!!!!!!! A LOT I KNOW!!!! Of course, I had an idea while I was there and I got a list of names/ages from the nice ladies so that we can gather up some donations for gift cards for Christmas!!!!! So anyone that is interested in donating, please leave a comment below and when I get the account set up for them, I’ll let you all know! We have to act quickly!!!!

I would have to say that Day 5 was a success!!

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