“AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts” 2013 – Day 4 – Veteran’s hospital


Day 4 of “AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts”!! – Boy oh boy, what an emotional roller coaster we went on today!!!! Let me explain………

Around noon time (morning for AAsher), we started on our card making project. There was LOTS of red glitter and meticulous placing of tiny silver stars on some beautiful heart shaped cards! AAsher made 10 cards this time, as I knew that he was going to want to give to more than just 3 people today (we can cheat since we made the rules)  because we were going to a very special place again this year…… the VETERANS HOSPITAL!!!!!!!

After therapy, we headed downtown! We arrived at the VA hospital with no problems, loaded up the wagon and headed on inside! AAsher had his little cards, his glittery hearts and some tiny American flags to give today! (Veterans really love glitter lol)

His little hearts say: “I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for YOU my heart has no bottom” :))))))))))

It didn’t take long for AAsher to find his first recipient, the man with the LSU hat on…… (smart boy). The man was very reserved and didn’t show too much emotion, but he did say “thank you very much
little guy”, “no one has ever given me a glitter heart before”  and he also told AAsher to have a very happy birthday!! so sweet!!

His next pick came after walking around the whole hospital…… TWICE!! This man he literally chased down the hall (as the man was speeding in his wheelchair). When we finally got his attention that AAsher had something for him, he spun around and you couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face!!! He was OVERJOYED with laughter and smiles and he couldn’t stop thanking AAsher for all the sweet gifts. I think he liked having his picture taken too! (I’m surprised I even got a clear shot at all, as my eyes were starting to get a little misty)

Two more rounds around the hospital (I forgot how LARGE this place is) and he found his next guy! As this guy was coming towards us, AAsher started towards him holding his little card out for the man. The man stopped and grabbed the card and then AAsher took off back to his wagon to grab the rest of his little gifts, in that moment, the man said (through a trache), “oh, my face must have scared him away, I’m sorry” (he was missing the lower half of his face). I had to stop him and tell him, “no sir, he’s going to get the rest of your gifts”!!!! AAsher came running back to him with his little glittery heart and tiny flag, handed it to him and then gave him a high-five! (as you can see from the picture, it’s BLURRY and I missed the darn hand contact, but I could NOT SEE A THING!!!and I’m pretty sure that our veteran friend had misty eyes as well) I do believe that our little AAsher made this guys YEAR! I truly believe that he knew this man needed someone to not see his disability and just see his heart and AAsher did just that!!

The next two guys that he gave gifts to were very sweet, but didn’t waste any time taking their things and getting on with their day…… the one guy looked like Santa and he even laughed like him too!!!!!!

As we were making our way down the hallway to find AAsher’s next pick, a lady (that worked at the hospital), asked me if I was taking pictures inside the hospital and let me know that camera’s weren’t allowed in there…. (news to me and there’s no sign anywhere stating that). I told her that I was only taking pictures of AAsher to document his gift giving to the Veterans, but apparently she wasn’t good with that explanation, because the next thing I know, there’s an armed police officer stating that he is going to have to confiscate my camera………. WHAT? Um…….. I don’t think so. LOL

I politely explained to him WHAT we were doing and what I was taking pictures of and I had to show him the images that I had taken!! Needless to say, he didn’t take my camera (THANK GOD), but he did inform me that we can no longer take pictures INSIDE the hospital……….. “I might be taking pictures of the infostructure of the building and giving them to terrorists”….. really? “I” am a
terroristic threat?????? my my my!!! SOOOOOOOOOO, out the door we went, with AAsher and his wagon still filled with tiny little gifts……. HE WAS NOT HAPPY!!! I was going to let him give to some of the people OUTSIDE the building, but he was already UPSET!! It was time to just go home!!

When I first got home, I was still kinda ticked off that a silly rule spoiled his day, but as I was uploading the pictures that we DID get and remembering the people that he was able to touch with his
gifts, I realized that the day was not spoiled at all, it was just as it was supposed to be!! It was AAwesome!! 

Sometimes rules seem silly, but they serve a purpose and we will have to obey them!

Day 4 was a bit bumpy, but was a success!!!

Thank you to everyone for sharing and commenting with such sweet words. They really do mean a lot and one day AAsher will read them all in his scrapbook!! Please feel free to share with your friends!!!

We may just spark some others to do kind things too!!! 


**Thank you to Jack & Jill’s Clothing Boutique for the AAwesome shirts!!!

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