“AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts” 2013 – Day 3 – Emergency room


Day 3 of “AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts”!!!! I can’t believe how quickly these days are going by!!!!!!! Slow down, slow down……my baby is going to be 4 YEARS OLD SOON!!!

Today we visited our little emergency room in town  AAsher grabbed his little wagon and knew exactly where to go! Before long, I won’t have to help guide him at all…..he’s growing up so quickly 

As soon as AAsher walked in, the lady at the receptionist desk said “he’s here, he’s here!!” “You came last year and we wondered if you were going to come by again” :))))

The two nurses that greeted him last year came rushing out to greet him again and yet again, they were wearing HUGE smiles! This year AAsher gave them a big bowl of snacks for the nurses station and some AAwesome birthday cupcakes with little birthday hat decorations on them! After he gave them LOTS of hugs and smiles, we made our way down the hallway and taped some baggies full of change to the fronts
of the two vending machines for those who may not have any. 

He just warms my heart to watch him give so freely and never want anything in return…….he was even trying to give the roll of scotch tape to one of the patients in the hallway. LOL He wasn’t leaving there until his wagon was COMPLETELY empty!!!

Day 3 was a success!!

***Please feel free to share with your friends, it may just spark someone to do something kind for someone else in their neighborhood Ripples become waves!!

((HUGS)) and thank you all for your support and kind words

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