“AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts” 2013 – Day 2 – Animal shelter


Day 2 of “AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts”!! – Today was CRAZY!!!!! After AAsher’s therapy and big sister came home from working, we started on our way to Wal-Mart to get goodies. BUUUUUTTTTTT, on the way we RAN OUT OF GAS!!!!!! Big sister forgot to put gas in the truck!!!!……………Just as she was about to walk to the gas station (that was only across the street), mom came to the rescue and found a gas can in the back of the truck that had just enough gas in it to get us to the station!!!!

We made it to Wal-Mart for AAsher to pick out his gifts and I guess he thought we needed to buy the whole store!!! He had something for everyone!!! lol

With his wagon full of goodies, we finally arrived at the Alvin Animal Control Center!!! AAsher’s wagon was full to the brim! He had one bag of dog food, one bag of cat food, a big box of dog bisquits, 3 bags of doggie chew bones, 10 little catnip mice toys, tennis balls for the doggies and a big pack of cleaning cloths!! He also had 2 cartons of cupcakes for the workers and volunteers 

When we arrived at the shelter, the two humane officers were just arriving with a few little doggies so we had to wait a few minutes for them to get them all squared away inside the building. Before we knew it, there was a line beginning to form at the door! Lots of people coming to adopt animals!!! YAY!

AAsher went straight to his work unloading his wagon to the nice lady inside. She kept wanting to take a picture of him with his wagon, but he was not interested. lol He was too busy working! I am going to email her some pictures  The other two ladies that were inside working were hiding from me and my camera……. very sneaky 

AAsher unloaded all of his goodies for the animals and he even insisted that she OPEN (he signed open to her) the big box of doggie bisquits for them to look inside. He gave them the yummy birthday cupcakes and he was out the door!!! They were saying “thank you” as he was leaving and he signed “thank you” back (soooo sweet)

We didn’t get to play with any doggies that were up for adoption this time, as there were people waiting and we want the animals to hurry and find homes!!!!! Especially the sweet little boy who was
waiting outside the door 

(maybe we can talk daddy into going back and letting the boys pick out a doggie)

Day 2 was a success!!!! Sooo proud of our little man and his giving heart!


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