“AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts” 2013 – Day 1 – Nursing home

Card to hand out 2013

This is our 2nd year doing this! The first year we got started by wanting to do something special for AAsher’s 3rd birthday, which fell on 12-12-12 🙂 It all evolved into 12 days of giving birthday gifts to others and we are so excited to do it again this year!! If you would like to view last years 12 days, you can see them in my albums on my Facebook page. There’s also a video on You Tube that has LOTS more pictures from our journey. The card above is what he gives along with his gifts each day.


Day 1 of “AAsher’s 12 days of birthday gifts”!!!! Last night, AAsher didn’t sleep very well……I believe he had a bit of a tummy ache  I was worried this morning that he was not going to be up to giving gifts, as all he wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch cartoons…… BUT, when we were getting into the truck and he saw me load up his little yellow wagon with gifts, he turned into his old happy self!! (I think he knew!!)

Today we went to the nursing home here in town! AAsher proudly pulling his little wagon and marched straight up to the desk like a pro! He brought 3 pretty little fruit baskets to give today, as we had heard that the patients don’t get alot of fresh fruit. We had a bit of a snag in our plan though, as not all of the patients are allowed to have fresh fruit and so the lady didn’t want him to give something to someone and them not be allowed to have it……….. Good thing mom had a backup of colored carnations for him to give!!!! He left the 3 baskets of fruit at the desk to distribute to those that CAN have it at dinner time and AAsher went straight to work giving out his beautiful flowers!!

He drew a bit of a crowd there in the receptionist area!!! He didn’t even have to go roaming the halls to look for people to give his gifts to, because they all came to him, even the workers!!! He was so cute how selective he was in the order that he gave the flowers. You could just see the joy beaming from him as he did his work. He was in his element and everyone LOVED IT!!! He got many MANY hugs, which he gave willingly (and sometimes he doesn’t lol especially if it’s not HIS idea) It was equally as rewarding watching the patients (and nurses) faces as they waited to see who was next!!!

The man in the wheelchair was the first to get a card and gift. Although, I don’t think he was sure what to think about a flower…… he received it graciously and with a smile 

The second to receive a card and flower was the lady in the all pink. She actually squealed with excitement when he picked her!! SUPER ADORABLE!!! She kept telling him what a beautiful child he was and I think she was rubbing it in to the lady sitting next to her (in the blue jacket) that SHE got a flower first. LOL

He then gave flowers to two more ladies in wheelchairs (one I believe was sleeping, so he just laid her flower on her tray) and then one to a nurse who got down on the floor and gave him the BIGGEST hug!!! I was scared she wasn’t going to let him go!!

Then he decided to give his last card and a flower to the lady in the blue jacket (who I’m sure thought she wasn’t getting one at this point, because he had given to everyone all around her). After he gave her the two things, he came back and got ANOTHER flower and gave it to her!! She was sooo excited that she got TWO (and then proceeded to laugh at the lady in the pink because SHE had gotten more. lol)

Last to receive a flower was the cleaning lady, who had grabbed him up for a hug not long after we got there and was waiting ever so patiently to see if she was going to get a flower or not. When he gave her the last flower, she gave him the biggest hug and said something in Spanish (I’m pretty sure it was a blessing because afterwards she did the sign of the cross) 

Day 1 was a success!!

A huge thank you to Jack & Jill’s Clothing Boutique for the awesome shirts!!! (they have a superman symbol with the day # on the front and “Team AAsher” on the back) SUPER CUTE!!


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